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Maddie Mae's Korner
Maddie Mae's Tripawd Journey
Maddie Mae's Korner

Peanut the ‘Monkeybutt’s’ Introduction

March 30th 2011

  So I am FINALLY here on the scene in an ‘offiical’ way! Since Maddie had been bootlegging my video¬†appearances, I figured I should show up and set the record straight!!! I’M the STAR in this family!!!!! So what if she can hop on 3 legs, I CAN FLY!!!!!! top that tripawds!  

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March 22nd 2011

Maddie Mae did great today. She was even ¬†bouncing around in the house with her little nub just a waggin’ when I got home. I think I can probably start backing off on her pain meds now. Maybe increase the time in between doses and drop the dosage by a third maybe? Here’s Maddie in […]

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First day alone…..

March 22nd 2011

So today is my first day back to work after Maddie’s surgery. I am somewhat apprehensive, but I know she’ll be fine. This will be the longest stretch without pain meds, so I hope that is not an issue for her. She seems pretty good and like she is healing well. This morning she was […]

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Day #4

March 21st 2011

Maddie Mae is having a great day #4 post-op. She is wanting to walk further even than I feel comfortable letting her right now. She still needs to take it a little easy. The swelling underneath is about the same, and her incision is still looking great. I made a quick run to the store […]

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Day 3 – puffiness

March 20th 2011

The incision is looking good, but I am concerned about all of the puffiness and swelling underneath the incision. I’m keeping an eye on it. She has been wanting to move around a lot today. Having to work at making her stay down and rest.

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Day 3

March 20th 2011

Maddie’s Incision is looking good. I am wondering about the puffiness and it. It’s lower left on this picture. Kinda hangs below where it looks like belly when she’s standing. I will have her stand later and take a picture to give a better idea of just how puffy it is. Those with experience, is […]

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2nd day post-op

March 19th 2011

Maddie is doing pretty good today. Her appetite has been normal the whole time. She LOVES to eat and this hasn’t slowed it down. She isn’t doing as much sleeping as I expected she would. She lays very quite and still but awake more than sleeping. She has not had a movement since Thursday morning. […]

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Maddie Mae’s trip Home – Day 1

March 18th 2011

  Here’s my little angel sleeping on her way home from the Vet.   And here she is when we got home and settled her down on her bed. Now she’s up after a short nap.     She’s doing a lot of standing around like she doesn’t know what to do. I wish she […]

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March 2011