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2 month Ampuversary

May 17th 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey everypawdy!

It’s been awhile I know, but Mama has been very busy and she had me locked out of the puter!

Well, she left for work dis mornin and left it on…hhheheehehhheehehheee 🙂 1st order of business was to go to and order me some treats to be delivered ASAP! Yep, you guessed it, she also left her debit card on the coffee table :))))

So, today makes 2 months since someone stole my leg!!!! I have looked all over but I can’t find anypawdy with an extra that might be mine…..oh well, back to what I really wanted to talk about.

Saturday was a great day to hang out in the great out doors, chasing squirrels, rolling in stinky stuff and eating kitty treats that got left  in my Aunt Cheryl’s backyard. 🙂 I call them little buried treasures!!! It’s kinda like an easter egg hunt, cept  you don’t put it in a basket and save it for later, you munch it right then and there before anyone sees you! Cuz when they sees me eating the kitty treats everypawdy hollers and runs at me, sayin go go go Maddie, and then we play chase around the yard. But I always wins cuz even with 3 legs I’m faster!

So, the day is winding down and Mama hasn’t come back to pick me up from playing at  Auntie’s house yet. I was beginning to think that Me and Peanut was gonna have a slumber party or sumthin. That would have been fun.

But just as I was wondering if they was gonna feed me some supper or not…(a girl can’t live on kitty treats alone:) Mama pulled up in the drive, and out jumps a furball and comes running at me!!!

Mama sez her name is Jasper

I must admit, it’s kinda cute so I decide to jump at her to see if she wants to rassal?!?

That’s when she let’s out this high pitched sound that could almost shatter glass! It was crazy sounding. Well, come to find out she is not a fan of rassaling! hmmmmm, what to do, what to do??!? So I decide to try the run-by approach. NOT a fan of that either! So, I think maybe she’s just a slow to warm up kinda girl, so I put the chill on it and go back to looking for kitty treats.

Mama sez we are forresting her because she was homeless? I’m not sure what forresting is, but I do know there’s squirrels in tree’s, and tree’s in forrests, so it’ll probably be a good thing 🙂


So, off we head to the house so I can show her all my toys and see if she wants to play…..But I think she may be too tired, cuz she’s fallin asleep on the way home. Well, maybe later she’ll play wif me.


I gotta run now, I’ll try and post more later. Take care my furry friends and peeps!


Maddie Mae

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“2 month Ampuversary”


1st order of business was to go to…

Next time, please consider visiting (or many other stores) via the Tripawds online shopping links to help support this community! 🙂

More importantly, HOPPY AMPUVERSARY! Beautiful photos.


Congrats on two months Maddie Mae!! And congrats on your new “forrester” sister! I bet she was just a little nervous; she’ll be your best bud before you know it!


we’re celebrating your two months here in ET – way to go maddie mae!!! as for the forrester…geesh, it’s nice to have company and who knows, sometimes a visit becomes forever!! keep enjoying those kitty treats!!

charon & gayle


Pawty it up, Maddie Mae
we will too!


Mmmmm, Kitty Roca!

Hoppy Ampuversary Maddie, you’re rockin’ the Tripawds Nation!



And hoppy ampuversary!

Jackie and Abby


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