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Maddie Mae's Korner
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Pitbull/Lab mix Tripawd in Texas is looking for love!

June 15th 2011 in Uncategorized

Please share this girls story with anyone you know in Texas who might could love and give a good home to a new Tripawd Pitbull/Lab mix. She was brought in as a stray and had just been hit by a car. She had lot’s of injuries, but the worst of them was her leg, which […]

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2 month Ampuversary

May 17th 2011

Hey everypawdy! It’s been awhile I know, but Mama has been very busy and she had me locked out of the puter! Well, she left for work dis mornin and left it on…hhheheehehhheehehheee šŸ™‚ 1st order of business was to go to and order me some treats to be delivered ASAP! Yep, you guessed […]

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1 month Ampuversary!

April 17th 2011

Hey guys and gals, today the 17th makes Ā 1 month since my leg fell off while I was taking a nap at the Vets office! I know it sounds weird, but it happened!!! Mom dropped me off for a visit, and while waiting for Mom to pick me up I got a little drowsy and […]

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Day at the dog park

April 15th 2011

  Mama took me to the park today and I had a blast sniffing out new friends….  

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Beach day :-)

April 11th 2011

Well once again I got to go to the beach with Mama, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike. Come on Mama, I’ll drive if ya want me to! Ok, so FINALLY we have arrived! yippeeeeeee…….. Mama said “say cheese for the camera”……I think it’s pretty cheesy! Oh yeah, and there’s no getting away with out Monkeybutt […]

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Peanut the ‘Monkeybutt’s’ Introduction

March 30th 2011

  So I am FINALLY here on the scene in an ‘offiical’ way! Since Maddie had been bootlegging my videoĀ appearances, I figured I should show up and set the record straight!!! I’M the STAR in this family!!!!! So what if she can hop on 3 legs, I CAN FLY!!!!!! top that tripawds!  

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March 22nd 2011

Maddie Mae did great today. She was even Ā bouncing around in the house with her little nub just a waggin’ when I got home. I think I can probably start backing off on her pain meds now. Maybe increase the time in between doses and drop the dosage by a third maybe? Here’s Maddie in […]

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